What's a SHERPAPA?

Posted on April 27 2017


1. A strong family leader; a protector of children's futures and their world.
2. A term of endearment for a beloved father or grandfather.


  The decisions that are made by the current generation of parents will have more impact on the environment and the world we leave our children than any other in history. With the cultural shift towards dual income earning couples that share parental duties, fathers today are also more involved in the day-to-day responsibilities of raising their children. The Sherpapas are the family leaders of this new generation, setting good examples and always thinking of their families and their future. They carry a lot of new responsibilities, and they do it with pride, honor, and style.  

Etymology of SHERPAPA:

Sherpa- Sherpa is a term used to describe an expert guide or mentor, originating from the ethnic local Himalayan people of the same name, whose revered mountaineering skills and local knowledge proved invaluable to western explorers' expeditions to climb the world's highest mountain (Mt. Everest).
Papa- the most universal term for father, commonly used in French, English, and Spanish among other languages. Although it is considered by many linguists to be one of the first words spoken by humans (along with mama), papa was first used commonly as a name for father in French around the year 1680. "Cher" in French means "dear" or "dearest", so cher papa (phonetically pronounced the same as sherpapa) is also a term of endearment for a beloved father.

Here at Sherpapa Supply Co. we supply and support family leaders. We encourage shared experience and family adventure. We believe in sustainability and eco-responsibility because we want our children and grandchildren to connect with nature and be able to see the same beauty and biodiversity in the world that their ancestors did.


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