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Chapter 2- "They Grow Up So Fast"

Posted on November 26 2017

Matthew Morrison family
    It’s so hard to believe that the birth of my first child was just over a month ago.  There are so many things that people tell you when you have a baby. They say "Be prepared to lose sleep, to clean a lot of messes, and to know love like you’ve never known before."  I have to say that all of these are true, but the statement I hear most often is, “They grow up so fast”…and I just can’t bring myself to accept this.  I mean, I felt like my childhood lasted forever.  Why, now that I’m an adult, must my parameters of time be shifted into overdrive?  Can’t I just create my own Neverland and stop the hands of time?  
    I don’t believe that growing up fast is particularly healthy.  Being a child should be about innocence, mixed with creativity and constant learning.  I think that children today simply have too many outside influences that cause them to grow up too fast.  So how am I to change something that everyone says is inevitable?  I guess I’ll just try to go against the grain and think outside of the box.  Although my son, Revel, is already bugging me about getting his driver’s license!!
    Amidst all of the terrifying things that are occurring in this world I’m very excited to join the quiet revolution that I see happening.  More and more men are fighting to be involved in their childs’ lives. Even though I didn’t physically carry our child, I do feel this special connection.  I know that a lot of men have a hard time connecting and I want to make it my mission to inspire those guys.  Sometimes it can be hard because babies are so connected to Mother.  They NEED mother to survive (huge shout out to the Double Dads out there paving your own beautiful path).But you can’t take it personally when they are screaming in your arms.  Patience really is your friend in these cases, because soon enough they’ll be stretching out their arms for Papa.  I’ve found that talking, reading, and even singing to my child has hightened my connection with him.  Few events elicit such powerful feelings as the miracle of reproduction and I’m just off the starting block and off to the races! 
    I would not be as enlightened as I am if it weren’t for my wife, Renee. If you know my wife, you know how open and articulate she is.   She’s one of those people that radiates love and compassion.  But don’t think that means you can walk all over her because she is a total badass who doesn’t stand for anyone’s bulls8$t.  I like to think of her as my Joyful Warrior!  I’m just so proud of her.  Through her entire pregnancy she was so conscious about everything she put in her body and worked out like a champ.  We were so fortunate to have a blissful and uncomplicated pregnancy (she labored for a mere 6 hours), but I truly think that that is a product of her positive manifestations.  She slowed time by relishing in every moment of her almost 10 month pregnancy.  My love for this woman has deepened immeasurably during this process.   

 Matthew Morrison with Revel and Renee

    Renee and I both have gypsy souls.  We don’t really like staying in one place for very long.  We are restless and are called to the wild.  We seek adventure and travel and are fortunate enough to be able to live the life we seek.  During our pregnancy we travelled to 8 countries and 3 continents.  Revel didn’t even need a passport!  When it comes to education we are a little hesitant about rooting ourselves down in any one place.  We want to educate our children with world knowledge, experience, and culture.  Would love to have them learn compassion in Africa. To learn Italian in Italy.  To learn science at NASA!!! Who knows?!  All of these dreams might go out the window when that time comes, but it’s a beautiful dream to have.  And it will be there when we are ready for it…no rush!  When you really think about it, there’s so much life to live before we get to all of that.
So many unexpected things to come.  The journey is just beginning. I can’t wait to play again, to regain a little piece of adolescent hope that everything is possible.  To be bewildered by the simplest of things; a leaf, a straw.  To color outside of the lines.  To jump in puddles and sing off key (well, maybe not that last one!).  Happiness and spreading positivity are choices we make. At any given moment, we can choose stop and breathe it in; to see and act through a lens of positivity.  
    Time will pass much too quickly, but there will be days that feel like time is standing still.  Hopefully it will all balance out into a slow and steady pace.  After all, our son’s name was born of a conversation we had…. We want the hours to pass slowly so that we can REVEL in our child!  This holiday season I’m at peace with time, no matter how fast or slow it may be, I’m grateful for the time that we have. -Matthew Morrison
Matthew Morrison and Family
We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.
-T.S Eliot
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