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  • Treasure Family Amulet
  • Treasure Family Amulet
  • Treasure Family Amulet
  • Treasure Family Amulet

Treasure Family Amulet

$ 185.00

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This sterling silver and turquoise amulet is an original Sherpapa Supply Co. design and there are only 24 in this special first edition release. This special gift comes in a special wooden inlay treasure box. 

Protective amulets have been around since before the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. The most familiar amulet of the last century is probably the St. Christopher medallion (patron saint of travelers and protector of children). 

This protective amulet is intended to be a gift for dads as a symbol of protection and a reminder of what is most valuable in life- family.  The design contains a lot of symbolism, some references easy to spot and some more subtle. Here are a few hints:

Compass Rose- representing the 4 directions, guidance, adventure, and always finding your way home. 

PAPA- With the compass points forming the "P"s, PAPA is spelled out around the circle. If you cover the points, DAD is spelled around the circle. 

Sacred 4- For many native cultures the sacred 4 refers to the four directions, four seasons, four phases of life, and four sacred obligations. This is represented throughout the design in multiple ways. 

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